Stone therapy

Massaggio Classico CLASSIC MASSAGE
This massage is traditionally done with cream, practising a soft mussels manipulation. In addition we recommend to complete this treatment with the mud-therapy, in order to improve the flow of blood, to tone up the musculature and to increase the articulations’ flexibility.
This sweet massage bring to muscular- and mind-relaxation. In a “crescendo” of striking synergy, the softness of the chocolateoil mixes up with the vanilla fragrance and the wrapping cocoa- and hazelnutbutter smell. Chocolate is rich in mineral salt and vitamins, moreover it contains psychoactive substances (for example caffeine and theobromine) actually able to oppose anxiety feelings, depression and at the same time able to bring psychophysical benefits.
Massaggio al miele HONEY MASSAGE
Honey Massage “brighten” up the hole body. This soft massage has powerful stress-relieving effects: honey detoxifies the body from body fluids (dued for example to a wrong diet, medical drugs and stress) through skin pores, improving blood circulation in the tissues under the skin and in muscles and having a positive influence on the entire nervous system.
Riflessologia lantare FOOT REFLEXOLOGY
Reflexology studies the areas of the feet corresponding with organs in the "zones" of the body. The practice of soft massaging, gentle squeezing, or pushing on parts of the feet improves general health relaxing and stimulating (at the same time) oneself.
Massaggio Anti Stress ANTI STRESS MASSAGE
Relaxing massage leads to mental relaxation and physical satisfaction through the wish of harmony balance, to forget daily stress and to get energy feelings.
The ancient stone therapy leads to physical and spiritual balance. The power of the smooth basalt rocks are well known for being “energy generators”: weak points are strengthened, on the other hand, the points where energy is in excess are relieved of high levels of stress. This treatment helps the person enter deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well being.
Massaggio Ayurvetico AYURVEDIC MASSAGE
This relaxing massage aims to mental relaxation and physical satisfaction through the wish of harmony balance, to forget daily stress and to get energy feelings.
Lymphatic drainage is a particular delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism and blood microcirculation, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins, with a great therapeutical, relaxing and diuretic effect. This treatment is recommended for cellulite problems and water retention. It is usually made to the whole body, by request anyway it can be made to some zones of the body (for example legs).
Soft massage on the lymphatic areas on the face in order to eliminate waste and water retention, encouraging cellular regeneration.
Massaggio Anticellulite ANTICELLULITE MASSAGE
Emolymphatic massage with specific cream with direct actions on the adipose tissues, especially on the legs and gluteal muscles in order to get a gradual improvement of blood circulation.
Massaggio Rassodante FIRM MASSAGE
It aims to stimulate the blood microcirculation in order to reinvigorate the tissues.